Adios Tomas

Tom being cool

Tom being cool

Our good friend Tom has left Capitol Hill Books to risk unemployment and ruin in Seattle! As Holly said, “He’ll be sorry.”

But actually we wish Tom and his wonderful companion Kelli the best of luck in their new Seattle adventure and the awesome-sounding Western road trip they will be doing as they travel there.

Tom has worked semi-diligently since starting at Capitol Hill Books last summer and even created much of this new sparkly Web site instead of doing actual work. He also reorganized and managed our glass case section of book, making those expensive books more likely to sell online and improving our store’s ability to succeed in a harsh capitalistic environment. Pretty good for a self-professed anarchist!

Tom’s presence has actually really improved the store and he is a great friend and person. In fact, another one of the Cap Hill gang wouldn’t even be working at the store if it wasn’t for Tom’s great generosity. So, we wish him the best of luck as a fish monger in Pike’s Market. He’ll be the one throwing the fish heads into the scum pile.

And though he won’t have much access to twitter while he is deboning flounders, you can follow him on there if you’d like @tfooq

We are in a “walker’s paradise”


As you can see in this really neat “walkability” map, we are located right in the center of the most walkable area in the whole city. Pretty cool.

Denver is tied with Portland, OR as the tenth most walkable city in the country.

The score is calculated by measuring the proximity of schools, shops and restaurants. In other words, how easy it is to live a “car-lite” lifestyle.

Added to our shop’s walkability is our proximity to so many bus routes (the 0 on Broadway and 15 on Colfax are frequent and efficient, and the 2 and 7 also run directly in front of the shop).

So between public transit, walking and biking, the shop is easy to get to without having to get into a hot, dirty, sun-baked car (for cars, there is metered parking and lot next door that charges hourly).

We’re the best used book store in Denver

5280 Magazine readers have picked Capitol Hill Books as the best used book store in Denver for 2009.

5280 Magazine readers have picked Capitol Hill Books as the best used book store in Denver for 2009.

What a pleasant surprise! 5280 Magazine came out with their Top of the Town list for 2009, and guess who the readers picked as the best used book store in Denver. That’s right, your humble Capitol Hill Books.

They noted our combination of classic used book store (dusty shelves “precariously balanced”) and digital inventory (helps bring us into the “modern era”).

I would say that most of our shelves are nailed into the wall, but I suppose they do appear a little precarious at times. Haha. But they’re totally safe! Promise. How about this, if you are crushed by a book shelf, we’ll give you 10% off your entire purchase…

The Editors’ Choice was the Denver Book Mall (32 Broadway, 303-733-3808), which really is a great store (or group of independent sellers). If you have never made it down there, be sure to check them out.

Also, if anyone else would like to give us an award, we are taking those. We can’t give trade credit for ethical reasons, but we’ll probably brag about it a bunch on our web site…