A rainbow of book choices.

Capitol Hill Books has recently expanded our GLBT section with dozens of freshly-acquired books. The recent arrivals provide our store with a diversity of GLBT voices in variety of genres including fiction, mystery, sci-fi, memoir, essay, erotica and more. Our books range from a history of homosexual relations amongst pirates to a book on the[…]

Capitol Hill Books on Google Maps

View Larger Map Remember several months ago when Google visited our store? They were working on a new project to create 360 degree views of local businesses. Apparently, we weren’t paying attention and Google put up its view of Capitol Hill Books, several months ago. You can access it by searching Capitol Hill Books on[…]

Don’t look a gift book in the mouth

Did you know that the phrase “Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth,” comes from the fact that a horse’s teeth extend out of its jaw the older it gets. Therefore when you are looking a gift-horse in the mouth, you are assessing how old it is instead of just accepting it in good[…]