Capitol Hill Books: Official online source of Phil Goodstein’s Denver history books.

Phil’s latest is a history of Denver’s great Park Hill neighborhood

Capitol Hill Books is proud to be the official online source of Phil Goodstein’s marvelous books on Denver history.

From the “Spirits of South Broadway” to the “Ghosts of Capitol Hill,” Phil’s books describe the in-depth history of the city from the bottom up. He explores not just the rich and powerful, but also Denver’s crime, corruption and all of its glorious “Seamy side.”

Phil is Denver’s foremost historian and is famous for his vivid walking tours of Denver’s neighborhoods. His books offer a in-depth look at those neighborhoods, showing their history based on the experiences of the real people who live and work there.

His latest book is Park Hill Promise: Quest for an Idyllic Denver Neighborhood, an examination of the very neighborhood where Phil was raised. Phil elucidates residents’ quest to make the “perfect” Denver neighborhood of beautiful parkways, majestic homes and racial and ethnic integration free of strife. The book details the successes and failures of that ideal. Of course, Park Hill Promise also traces the general history of the neighborhood from its beginnings as a land claim staked by an eccentric German baron to its current status as a neighborhood trying to bridge together diverse racial and ethnic groups into one community.

Capitol Hill Books carries several of Goodstein’s other titles including his popular 2011 book about Denver’s North Side. You can easily search for his books on our web site here. Simply type “Phil Goodstein” into the search box and choose “Author” in the drop-down box marked “Search by.”

From there, you can order books directly from our web site. A friendly Capitol Hill Books representative will contact you via phone or e-mail where we can arrange an in-store pick up of the book or ship the book to you almost anywhere in the United States for a minimal shipping fee.

Of course, you can always call us at 303-837-0700 to order Phil’s books from us directly over the phone.

Are you ready to delve into Denver’s weird and fascinating history? Look no further than the books of Phil Goodstein, available online at

For information about Phil’s educational walking tours please visit his tour web site.

Teacher Discounts

Teachers get more than just an apple at Capitol Hill Books.

The staff at Capitol Hill Books are all avid readers. And many of us have great teachers to thank for inspiring our love of reading. I remember my third-grade teacher who purchased Goosebump books for me to read and I gobbled them up like delicious candy. Then she told me about some other good books by authors like Madeline L’Engle and C.S. Lewis and Norton Juster. I became a lifelong reader through her influence.

So we at Capitol Hill Books like to thank teachers by offering them a 10 percent discount on used books for their classrooms. Just let us know you are a teacher and show us your school ID for the discount. Our books are already quite affordable (Many of our children’s chapter books are only around $3 to $4.), but we like to extend an additional discount to encourage teachers that inspire their students to engage in a lifelong appreciation for books. Thanks Mrs. Shelton, wherever you are.

Capitol Hill Books featured on 7News

Holly, the owner of Capitol Hill Books was featured on 7News in Denver last night to discuss our business’ concerns with the bagging on most of the meters on our block for the exclusive use of state legislators.

While it looks like the good folks at KMGH weren’t able to change the way the state has taken much of our parking (apparently they are evoking some obscure state law), they were still able to highlight an important issue affecting us and other local merchants around the Capitol.

And of course, Holly and Capitol Hill Books were able to appear on television.

We cannot embed the video but you can check it out here.

In good company in Lonely Planet

The Lonely Planet sticker in our front window.

Tucked away on the 91st page of Lonely Planet: Colorado is a listing for what sounds like a pretty sweet Denver business. It has “retained the rare magic of a real bookshop” That magic presumably enhanced by threadbare rugs, creaky floors and cardboard cutouts of dead celebrities.

The store is of course Capitol Hill Books. And we are proud to be included among many of Denver’s top independent businesses in the latest edition of Lonely Planet: Colorado.

We’re especially happy that Lonely Planet has given attention to our “staff of book lovers..quick with helpful suggestions.”

With our location across from the Colorado State Capitol, our bookstore has long attracted tourists from across the country and around the globe. We’re very grateful to Lonely Planet and our customers for continuing to support our independent business. Whether you are from Denver or Dublin or Dubai, we have a book here at our store waiting for one of our staff to recommend to you.

Winter odds & ends

One of our cool Belgian graphic novels.

We’ve been busy this winter at Capitol Hill Books. One thing that keeps us busy is our huge donation of French books we got from a longtime customer. We’ve received so many French books that we had to greatly expand our section for French languages. Because we don’t have very much room, we’re offering a special discount on French books of 15 percent off the listed price (Only good for French books and cannot be combined with other discounts). We also have a variety of books including mysteries, fiction, history, way and even a few graphic novels. Lisez-vous fran├žais? Nous avons des livres pour vous. (That’s: Read French? We have the books for you.)

Capitol Hill Books was also recently featured in the YourHub section of the Denver Post. Capitol Hill Books owner Holly was interviewed and the story ran three photos of the store including one of our employee Ben. We have already received numerous calls and mentions about the article from our customers. Thanks YourHub for the wonderful piece! Check out the story by clicking here.

Last minute holiday shopping?

Your "Glad Recipient" will think you're a "Thoughtful Gift Giver" with one of these versatile gift certificates.

What precisely do you get your great aunt Edna, you know, the one who your only interaction with is an occasional squeeze on the cheek? What about your co-worker Bobby who you know nothing about except that you picked his name for the work secret Santa? What about your dentist? Or your really good friend who you know is an avid reader but forget exactly what she is an avid reader of?

There are dozens of people in our lives that appreciate a warm holiday gift even if we don’t know exactly what it should be or at precisely what temperature. And it’s especially hard to figure out when you wait until the last minute to get your presents. That’s why Capitol Hill Books offers gift certificates. Our gift certificates are available in any denomination you’d like and are good for anything in the store. Plus, they are written out in hand calligraphy for that extra decorative touch. We’re also more than happy to mail your gift certificate to anybody anywhere in the U.S. You can even pay for your gift certificate over the phone. Just call us at 303.837.0700

And since we have books on almost every subject, you can be sure that a Capitol Hill Books gift certificate would be appreciated by everyone from your uncle Larry to your aunt Louise.

Buy local. Support your community.

Buy local.

Tired of giving all your money away to large corporations that have little connection to your community? There is a very simple way to ensure that your local dollars stay local: By shopping at local businesses.

Several community economic studies show that for every $100 spent at a small, local business, $60-$70 stays within the community as those dollars go towards local payroll, local business support services, local charities and local taxes.

That same $100 at a large chain store? Only about $15-43 stays within the local community. Buying online at a big out-of-state web company? Virtually none of that money stays in Denver.

Just as there is an effort take money out of the big banks and depositing it in local banks and credit unions, there is an effort to support local businesses over the the corporate retail and online behemoths like Wal-Mart and Amazon. It’s those small businesses that are in many ways the fabric of our community. They provide our neighborhoods with character and contribute their money locally. And even if you’re purchasing items for out-of-town friends and family, many businesses have shipping services.

We here at Capitol Hill Books have provided hundreds of dollars over the years to local non-profit organizations from the money generated by our red carts, as well as contributing books and other items to various charities and events.

And it’s not just our store that survives because from our loyal, local customers. There are numerous small businesses all over the Denver area that rely on community support. So be sure to check out the 3/50 Project and Mile High Business Alliance web sites for more information about supporting the local businesses you cherish.

Meet Francis the monster!


Congratulations to Simon Ayesse, a friend of the store who suggested we use Sir Francis Bacon’s quote “Some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed, and some few to be chewed and digested,” to go along with our new book Godzilla monster. We think the quote goes great on top of our shelf of “Staff recommendations.” After all, those are our finest cuts of book.

Frozen Bacon

We decided to name the monster Francis after the famous English scientist and philosopher who gave us that lovely quote. Fun fact: Sir Bacon died from pneumonia contracted in the cold while studying the effects of freezing on the preservation of meat.

We also wanted to thank Bryan McRea for giving us the Godzilla figure. We think he makes an opposing presence in our store.

Thanks for all of your suggestions on Twitter and through e-mail. And feel free to come by and say hello to our godzillas in person if you can.

New arrivals at Capitol Hill Books

Beautiful vintage Indian art magazine with art prints inside.

We haven’t had a blog post in awhile, so we decided to make one about some of the new collections we have on sale here at Capitol Hill Books. We’ve been quite busy over the summer sorting some large trades that we’ve received from our generous trade customers.

We always enjoy this task because we often find such unique and interesting items. For example, we received dozens of books about South Asian art. Many of these books are published in India and other Asian countries and are rare in the United States. Included within this collection is a set of 1950s-era Indian art magazines that contain beautiful art prints inside that can be taken out and framed.

Other trades have really beefed up our classical history, philosophy, drama and art sections. So if you haven’t been in the store in awhile and you’re interested in those subjects, definitely come in and check out what we have. A unique treasure may await you.