Fun facts

Clearly the best part about having a searchable database of all our books is the ability to find fun factoids about our book collection (these figures do not include bargain books, of which we have hundreds). So here we go:

  • We have over 30,000 books in the store at any one time
  • Over 27,000 of those books are under $10
  • The median price is $6.50
  • Only six books in the store were written by someone named “Hank”
  • 10,000 of the books are hardcover
  • We have 62 books about books (not counting criticism and author biographies)
  • We have 62 books by Jonathan Kellerman, 83 by Tom Clancy, 58 by James Patterson, 63 by Robert Ludlum and 83 by Stephen King. The obvious question is, who would win in a fight, Stephen King or Tom Clancy? If a fictional F-16 fighter jet carrying a Navy Seal on a super-secret covert operation crashes in the woods, will anybody buy it for $4?
  • Over 23,000 books are in “Very good” condition
  • We have 250 books about Colorado, 11 about Feng Shui, 167 about pets and 13 about UFOs (non-fiction)
  • 240 books have “day” in the title, compared to 250 with “night”. Our collection is truly in balance with the natural world

Remember, you can search our inventory online, too.

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