April 21, 2009

Trade Policy

As you can see, we accept books on many different subjects.

Although we do not purchase books for cash, we are happy to consider books for store credit towards other used books.

Trades are made by appointment only. Call us at (303) 837-0700 for any questions on trade/donation options, or to schedule an appointment.

Trade guidelines

Trade credit is good for one year and is kept on file under your name. Just let us know you have credit on file when you are ready to purchase used books.

Sorry, but trade credit cannot be used for any gift items, new or glass case books. (Don’t worry. Trade credit is good for 99% of all books in the store.)

Although we try to be accommodating, there are some things we don’t accept for trade:

  • Abridged Books
  • Computer Books
  • Hardcover Mystery/Thriller Books
  • Textbooks
  • Ex-Library Books
  • Anything out of date (e.g., old travel books, formerly current events, obsolete technology)
  • Books in poor condition (highlighting/underlining, cracked spines, missing pages, etc).

All books should be in good condition in order to be considered salable. During a trade, we look at both our current inventory and condition. So please don’t feel bad if a quality book is rejected, we simply didn’t need it at that time.

Return Policy

We will gladly give a full refund to books bought in store with a receipt within 24 hours of the sale as long as items are in the same condition as purchased. Books returned after 24 hours are subject to the trading policy as described on this page. Sorry, but return policy does not apply to gift items or clearance items found on our carts or clearance shelves.