Last minute holiday shopping?

Your "Glad Recipient" will think you're a "Thoughtful Gift Giver" with one of these versatile gift certificates.

What precisely do you get your great aunt Edna, you know, the one who your only interaction with is an occasional squeeze on the cheek? What about your co-worker Bobby who you know nothing about except that you picked his name for the work secret Santa? What about your dentist? Or your really good friend who you know is an avid reader but forget exactly what she is an avid reader of?

There are dozens of people in our lives that appreciate a warm holiday gift even if we don’t know exactly what it should be or at precisely what temperature. And it’s especially hard to figure out when you wait until the last minute to get your presents. That’s why Capitol Hill Books offers gift certificates. Our gift certificates are available in any denomination you’d like and are good for anything in the store. Plus, they are written out in hand calligraphy for that extra decorative touch. We’re also more than happy to mail your gift certificate to anybody anywhere in the U.S. You can even pay for your gift certificate over the phone. Just call us at 303.837.0700

And since we have books on almost every subject, you can be sure that a Capitol Hill Books gift certificate would be appreciated by everyone from your uncle Larry to your aunt Louise.

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