Literary Geeks who Drink!

Our team name was "The Grant Administrtaion." 500 geek points for anyone who knows why.

The gang of five met up at the old saloon to figure out if they had what it takes to win the competition of a lifetime. They trained hard all season; constantly barraging each other with trivial facts while they “worked” at a bookstore. The team couldn’t even use the bathroom without encountering a daily dose of knowledge.

And on Monday, November 15 all those weeks of training paid off and “The Grant Administration” trivia team triumphed over all pretenders (including a three-time Jeopardy! champion) at the Wyman’s trivia face-off.

The competition first tested our knowledge of the opening lines of popular musical arrangements. We knew all but the first line to Ray Parker’s “Ghostbusters” which turned out to be “If” instead of “When.”

Team member John showed he knows his devilish songs and Holly knows the transportation systems that killed many of her favorite celebrities. But unfortunately we have a lot to learn about shacks and Shaqs, as we only got three points out of eight on that round.

We rebounded nicely with a perfect round identifying celebrities named for creatures and our teammate Ben showed he was a pinch player with his outstanding knowledge of card games. Some good guesswork helped us in an audio round where we had to identify live-action children television programs. That’s so Raven, indeed.

But despite our fair successes at the night’s trivia, we were still in second place going into the final round of the competition: Random knowledge. Yet our knowledge of celebrity centenarians, Botswanan barrens and orthodox orthography led us to a stunning one-point victory!

So other pub quiz teams should watch out for the gang at Capitol Hill Books. Weeks of being surrounded by books has paid off in the knowledge department and we are ready to again meet other quiz teams in trivial battle.

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