Meet Wally, our Spokesdog


Here is Wally, the cute and precocious beagle of a great customer of ours. Whenever he comes, everyone in the store goes gaga over him and Wally loves the attention. He also loves the doggie treats we keep behind the counter. Wally is a wonderfully well-behaved dog, who rarely (well usually) grumbles when he is inside the store. He usually comes in right after playing with the squirrels in Civic Center Park, so he is laconic and happy at Capitol Hill Books.

If you have a well-behaved dog, feel free to bring him or her inside the store. We have some doggie treats for them if they would like some and they’ll certainly get lots of attention from our customers and staff. Just make sure they are on a leash and under your control at all times or unfortunately they will have to leave.

We also have 169 books on pets at the store, so if you need any help on choosing, training or taking care of your pet, we probably have that too.

5 thoughts on “Meet Wally, our Spokesdog

  • I usually order my books online and when I read about your store, which happens to be in my neighbourhood I was really excited to check it out and bring my dog. However, I was really disappointed when entering teh store I was not even greeted by the staff, who was not busy at the moment, but just kept on staring at one point. I have a puppy, who is always excited to meet new people and excitingly jumped with her front paws on teh counter. An elderly lady began histerically screaming “bad dog, bad dog” and told us we are not allowed in the store. For people claiming love for pets that seemed a bit untolerant to me. I walked out very disappointed. You would think that in a bad economy good customer service will be beyond expectations, but I guess not in this case.

  • Sorry you had a bad experience with our staff. We sincerely apologize for anything we did that caused you distress. None of us seem to remember the specific incident but we usually are a dog and customer-friendly place and even offer dog treats to four-legged friends. Again, we apologize for the incident and hope that you will give Capitol Hill Books another chance.

  • No ya shouldn’t have. A dasnhhucd has such a PERSONALITY. I’ve had 4 in my 55 years and each was it’s own individual with a unique personality. I call em little human beans. And if you are lucky, they won’t take too long getting you trained.

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