Things are getting fantastical at Capitol Hill Books! Other-worldly, even! From Asimov to Zelazny our shelves are full to the brim with paperback Science Fiction & Fantasy titles. 2,018 to be exact! Come in and peruse our stacks, meet the Labyrinth worm, and ask our well-read staff for recommendations. We also have hardcover editions available to help round out your collector’s sets, complete series, obscure offerings by your favorite authors, & childhood favorites.

Fear of Ideas…

Vonnegut Quote


Although Banned Book Week is not celebrated until September we are honoring them at Capitol Hill Books this month. Check out our display window by the front door. You will see some expected titles (Lolita, The Scarlet Letter) and then some you would never have guessed made the list (Where’s Waldo?, Captain Underpants, The Hunger Games). Come in to Capitol Hill Books today and get your hands on some controversial literature! For a more complete list of banned and challenged books see the American Library Association‘s page.


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Native American Window Display

In this big window this month we are featuring a large selection of our Native American materials, with love for all Original Americans and in anticipation of the Denver March Powwow taking place next week! (information on the Powwow here – This window features only a portion of the titles we have to offer on the history, heritage, art, and lives of the Indigenous Peoples of the United States of America so ask to be shown the full section when you come in!



Capitol Hill Books is happy to announce a recent influx of comic books into the store, three whole feet of them! And they cover all the most popular super heroes and heroines from the Marvel universe: Elektra, Deadpool, Hulk, Xmen, and so on. Desperate for some beautiful artwork and riveting story lines? Missing a volume in the series? Come on in and peruse our selection. We may have just what you’re looking for.

Project Almanac

Project almanac

Come on down to our store, say hello, and grab your pre-screening pass to Dean Israelite’s new film, Project Almanac (pg-13).

A brilliant high school student and his friends uncover blueprints for a mysterious device with limitless potential, inadvertently putting lives in danger.

Each free pass admits two, and we have plenty to go around. The pre-screening will be held at the UA Denver Pavilions (on the 16th Street Mall) on Jan. 28 at 6:00 pm. Seating is first-come, first -served, so don’t be late. If you can’t make that, you can still catch the film in theatres on Jan. 30th.

Books of Knowledge

We have some exciting new arrivals to the store. A complete 35 Volume edition of the Encyclopaedia Britannica and the complete Britannica Collection of the Great Books of the Western World! We are always on the look out for complete sets of the Britannica. They are hard to come by. This is a real treat for both us and our customers. Please call or stop in to inquire. Both are for sale in store at internet busting bargains. Save on shipping

Here is a little information for you about the Encyclopaedia Britannica and it’s World Books collection.


‘Britannica is the oldest English-language general encyclopaedia. The Encyclopaedia Britannica was first published in 1768, when it began to appear in Edinburgh, Scotland.’ Initially only 3 volumes long it has since undergone many revisions and many millions of dollars in editing fees to become the complete work you will find in our store on the corner of Colfax and Grant Street, Denver Co!

‘This 15th and last edition has a three-part structure: a 12-volume Micropædia of short articles (generally fewer than 750 words), a 19-volume Macropædia of long articles (two to 310 pages) and a single Propædia volume to give a hierarchical outline of knowledge. The Micropædia is meant for quick fact-checking and as a guide to the Macropædia; readers are advised to study the Propædia outline to understand a subject’s context and to find more detailed articles.’


The Great Books of the Western World collection was first created in 1952. ‘The original editors had three criteria for including a book in the series: the book must be relevant to contemporary matters, and not only important in its historical context; it must be rewarding to re-read; and it must be a part of “the great conversation about the great ideas”, relevant to at least 25 of the 102 great ideas identified by the editors.’

– citing the website and Wikipedia.

Capitol Hill Books: An Appreciation

There are places in your life that are important. Maybe the hospital where you were born or the church where you get married. One of the most important places in my life is a bookstore. Six years ago, I was suddenly laid off from my first job outside of college. I had a friend who worked at a bookstore and he suggested I come by as a new position was about to come available. I had been to Capitol Hill Books a few times as a customer, but wasn’t necessarily considering working in retail.

I stayed at the bookstore for six amazing years that I consider the best of my life. My co-workers are amazing. My boss is the best I’ve ever had: a truly kind, great businesswoman who really cares about her employees. Even in times of tragedy, the bookstore and its employees has been there to provide structure and space when things became difficult. There is not enough gratitude in the world that can express what Capitol Hill Books has meant to me personally.

I’ve been so proud to be a part of what I consider the best bookstore in Denver. It’s true that we have probably the largest searchable database of used books in the city (nearly 35,000 titles), shelves continually well organized by our tireless staff and such wonderfully random and hidden tchotchkes, that I am still discovering new things on shelves after six years of looking at them. But what makes Capitol Hill Books the best bookstore is the wonderful staff and owner who have a true commitment to our community of readers. Every community deserves a great bookstore, and Capitol Hill is lucky to have Capitol Hill Books.

Sadly, I am leaving Capitol Hill Books as an employee to begin a new career as a teacher. But I am not leaving the bookstore as I will always be a part of the community of readers so well served by Capitol Hill Books.

A rainbow of book choices.

A “colorful” sampling of some of our LGBT-interest books.

Capitol Hill Books has recently expanded our GLBT section with dozens of freshly-acquired books. The recent arrivals provide our store with a diversity of GLBT voices in variety of genres including fiction, mystery, sci-fi, memoir, essay, erotica and more. Our books range from a history of homosexual relations amongst pirates to a book on the religious beliefs of lesbians and gays to a fiction book about a lesbian superheroine.

Capitol Hill has long been one of Denver’s most gay-friendly neighborhoods. And we here at Capitol Hill Books appreciate all of the LGBT customers we’ve had in our more than 30 years of business.

Capitol Hill Books on Google Maps

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Remember several months ago when Google visited our store? They were working on a new project to create 360 degree views of local businesses. Apparently, we weren’t paying attention and Google put up its view of Capitol Hill Books, several months ago.

You can access it by searching Capitol Hill Books on Google. This very web site is the first result of course, but if you click on the little red tab underneath our web site link you’ll be taken to our Google page where you can access the 360 view. It’s also available to people who are navigating Denver’s streets via Google Maps and Google’s Street View. Or it’s also right here. Pretty neat, huh?

It’s basically a first-person view through out store. And it’s interactive, allowing you to travel through all three of our main rooms and see what was on our shelves on May 19, 2010. You’ll even see a couple of hard-working Capitol Hill Books employees helping some of our wonderful customers.

It’s almost as cool as the little video we made of Capitol Hill Books. Though the Google version has a distinct lack of Elvis Costello.

Thanks Google for giving Capitol Hill Books the 360 degree treatment. We think our store looks great! So if you want the inside view of the store you can check it out on Google or step into the store yourself, of course.