Capitol Hill Books: An Appreciation

There are places in your life that are important. Maybe the hospital where you were born or the church where you get married. One of the most important places in my life is a bookstore. Six years ago, I was suddenly laid off from my first job outside of college. I had a friend who worked at a bookstore and he suggested I come by as a new position was about to come available. I had been to Capitol Hill Books a few times as a customer, but wasn’t necessarily considering working in retail.

I stayed at the bookstore for six amazing years that I consider the best of my life. My co-workers are amazing. My boss is the best I’ve ever had: a truly kind, great businesswoman who really cares about her employees. Even in times of tragedy, the bookstore and its employees has been there to provide structure and space when things became difficult. There is not enough gratitude in the world that can express what Capitol Hill Books has meant to me personally.

I’ve been so proud to be a part of what I consider the best bookstore in Denver. It’s true that we have probably the largest searchable database of used books in the city (nearly 35,000 titles), shelves continually well organized by our tireless staff and such wonderfully random and hidden tchotchkes, that I am still discovering new things on shelves after six years of looking at them. But what makes Capitol Hill Books the best bookstore is the wonderful staff and owner who have a true commitment to our community of readers. Every community deserves a great bookstore, and Capitol Hill is lucky to have Capitol Hill Books.

Sadly, I am leaving Capitol Hill Books as an employee to begin a new career as a teacher. But I am not leaving the bookstore as I will always be a part of the community of readers so well served by Capitol Hill Books.

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