New web site: a work in progress

Well, here we are. 2009. I guess it’s time for a new web site, right?

We decided to go to a WordPress site because it’s easy, and we want to have a little more online interaction. Our search functions are still the same (and we expect them to stay that way for a while. Why fix it if it ain’t totally broke?)

Please send us feedback. Lots of it. Offer suggestions for what kind of content you would like to see. Suggest changes to the design or functionality. Suggest a good book to read.

I hope y’all enjoy it. Thank you.

14 thoughts on “New web site: a work in progress

  • Lose the cat. I can almost smell the unemptied litter box near the back steps. (There’s always the odor of old wet plywood in the residence of cats…regardless of its origin, it isn’t a comfy smell)

    The other pictures look great.

    Correct the spelling of: “PERSEVERE”…it comes from the prefix per &

    the Latin “severus”.

  • No hater of cats. In the interest of “all inclusive” Democracy – dogs, mice,horses,and ALL CREATURES GREAT AND SMALL should be represented. I got on this new website a 2nd time to erase my earlier message. I couldn’t do it. My original post was not the place to be critical. Your efforts and the fantastic appearance of this website is very much appreciated.

    Study up on Zoonosis. You might be surprised what mice,monkeys,and cats,etc. disease-wise can transmit to man…and there’s pigs, birds,and bats…

    Due Process allows me to defend my mis-perceived dislike of cats. I’ve been known to take a whole litter of young kittens born in our shed to the Dumb Friends League. Some of my best friends are cats. If possible,delete my comments. Thank You.

  • I feel that for the sake of the truthfulness and integrity of the record, the original must stand. But fear not, no ill airs were felt on this side of the Information Superhighway.

    I understand your argument that there are plenty of other adorable animals that can give us diseases, too. Especially in times like these, this is apparent. Let us never forget that if your heart sinks at the sight of an adorable beast, that feeling might actually be the transfer of a deadly disease that will not only kill you, but also those you are closest to…

  • I wish there was space to review all of Lilian Braun’s books! My favorite characters appear in all of her Cat Who…Mysteries! Moose County is a magical place. There’s Alvis Parsley,a TOMcat who likes to rock and roll. There’s Billy,the stray cat on Pear Island. And Catta the “tough lady cat”… not to mention Dumbo the big gray cat at the Boulder House Inn. Snuffles who takes hormones for her dermatitis and Patches the wonderful calico. Who could forget Platypuss and Propinquity? Whisker-Belle in Closet captures every cat lover’s heart. Tommy watches the pot…and Wrigley loves gourmet sardines…
    I can’t possibly recommend an author who loves and knows cats better than Ms. Braun!!!

  • Just which side of the “Information Superhighway” do you live on? I think you should walk barefoot in the grass on the median strip and contemplate some of life’s questions…I recommend THE BOOK of QUESTIONS, a paperback that addresses some of life’s moral issues, including one’s attitudes toward other species that inhabit this earth. A must read. It also channels some thinking about the person you might consider a partner for life. A good book to read aloud together…you discover the inner soul of someone (assuming they don’t lie).
    I left my 4th wife after she answered the question: “Would you, for $25,000, pull the wings off a beautiful butterfly?”

  • Don’t listen to John. Not only is he a cat hater, he’s even a cat TRAPPER.

    Nice job on the site guys. Would love to see a little more about the history of the store.

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