Talented Capitol Hill Books staff member produces beautiful artwork

Original art by Xella Whimnders.

The folks who work at Capitol Hill Books are a talented bunch. And our newest staff member Xella Whimnders is no exception. She is a talented writer and artist, whose magnificent, latest work hangs behind the bookstore counter

Xella’s abstracts simultaneously evoke the pointillism of Georges Seurat and the swirling shapes and thrilling use of white space found in Wassily Kandinsky’s art. But the art is uniquely Xella, as she meticulously dots her canvases with a rainbow of sharpie markers resulting in kaleidoscopic expressions of beauty.

We’re proud to have a talented artist working at Capitol Hill Books and are so happy that she made an exclusive piece of artwork to display here.

If you’re interested in Xella’s artwork, please contact her via e-mail at banion48@gmail.com.

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