Lost and found at Capitol Hill Books


Find that glorious book smell and feel

Are you missing something? Feeling like you need to find a way to ignite your imagination? Does it seem like you lost the sense of wonder and curiosity? Want to learn a new skill or discover new information?

Eye of World

Imagination found!

Fortunately, Capitol Hill Books is here to help you find those things again. We have 35,000 books in every nearly every subject and genre.

We put up a few posters around town so that you can be reminded of what you can find at Capitol Hill Books. If you came to this web site, because of one of those posters, you’re in luck. All you have to do to start your search is to click here , or simply come into our store at 300 E. Colfax, Denver, CO or call us at 303.837.0700. Start turning what was lost into what is found.

Portrait of an Art Lover

Our window displays a diverse and beautiful selection of books about Native American art, culture and history

Just a few blocks away from Capitol Hill Books is the Denver Art Museum with its fantastic selection of art. The museum is particularly renowned for its Western and Native American art collections. We here at Capitol Hill Books are also big art fans and love having the museum and the rest of Denver’s vibrant art scene so close by.

Find inspiration or just decoration in our large selection of art books

Fortunately for art lovers, Capitol Hill Books has recently received a large collection of art-related books including many books about Native American art and crafts. Our books include instructional guides, art histories, criticism, biographies and even books that have their own art prints that you can cut out and display in your own home. We have so many books that we’ve even put together a few window displays of our recent largesse.

And the best part is that we are constantly adding new art books to our shelves. That way, our customers can keep returning and finding something new during every visit to the store.

The next time you visit the Denver Art Museum or the other Downtown art institutions, be sure to stop by Capitol Hill Books and satisfy your art inspirations with our large collection of low-cost art books.

A rainbow of book choices.

A “colorful” sampling of some of our LGBT-interest books.

Capitol Hill Books has recently expanded our GLBT section with dozens of freshly-acquired books. The recent arrivals provide our store with a diversity of GLBT voices in variety of genres including fiction, mystery, sci-fi, memoir, essay, erotica and more. Our books range from a history of homosexual relations amongst pirates to a book on the religious beliefs of lesbians and gays to a fiction book about a lesbian superheroine.

Capitol Hill has long been one of Denver’s most gay-friendly neighborhoods. And we here at Capitol Hill Books appreciate all of the LGBT customers we’ve had in our more than 30 years of business.

Time for Summer Reading!

The “Staff Recommends” shelf is a great place to look during any visit to Capitol Hill Books

For a lot of the year, you’re too busy to read. There’s all that work you’ve got to do. Kids are in school and need help with their homework. All those short, cold days of winter mean less time for the fun things in life.

But then summer comes around, and time opens up. You have a bunch of unused vacation time. Kids are out of school and playing outside. The days are long and warm and beckon you to do the things you really enjoy. That’s why summer is such a good time to read. You finally have the time to pick up a good book. But which one to read?

Capitol Hill Books is a great place to ask that question. The staff are all book lovers just like you. They can suggest books for almost any taste or interest. Whether you like a science-fiction adventure, a piece of classic literature or a page-turning biography, the staff at Capitol Hill Books can help you find exactly which book would be perfect for your summer reading.

The low prices at Capitol Hill Books mean you can get that perfect read for a lower cost. And no bookstore in Denver has a larger searchable database of used books. So if you’re looking for something specific, or just looking for just something good, Capitol Hill Books and its staff of book connoisseurs will be there to help.

Neon streets

There is something cool about neon signs. The way they brighten up the night air and make everything glow in white, red, yellow and blue. Neon makes things look modern and retro at the same.

As Nelson Algren wrote, “A city that was to live by night after the wilderness had passed. A city that was to forge out of steel and blood-red neon its own peculiar wilderness.”

Since Colfax is certainly a kind of wilderness, it’s fitting that on its first block east of the Capitol is a cool new neon sign for our upstairs neighbor, the Newhouse Hotel. The hotel is under new management and they have spiffed up the place a bit.

The former sign was decrepit and rusted, often shedding bits of detritus onto the sidewalk in front of our store. The new sign refreshes its retro design with neon highlights. I especially love the little arrow pointing towards the building.

The neon sign and the new street lamps on Colfax makes our street feel even more welcoming, charming and full of character. Colfax will always have a bit of grit, but we’re glad to see it being given a nice new coat of cool.

Talented Capitol Hill Books staff member produces beautiful artwork

Original art by Xella Whimnders.

The folks who work at Capitol Hill Books are a talented bunch. And our newest staff member Xella Whimnders is no exception. She is a talented writer and artist, whose magnificent, latest work hangs behind the bookstore counter

Xella’s abstracts simultaneously evoke the pointillism of Georges Seurat and the swirling shapes and thrilling use of white space found in Wassily Kandinsky’s art. But the art is uniquely Xella, as she meticulously dots her canvases with a rainbow of sharpie markers resulting in kaleidoscopic expressions of beauty.

We’re proud to have a talented artist working at Capitol Hill Books and are so happy that she made an exclusive piece of artwork to display here.

If you’re interested in Xella’s artwork, please contact her via e-mail at banion48@gmail.com.

Parking in the Time of Legislature

Use these simple parking instructions when visiting our store.

Parking around the Capitol is a tricky proposition when the legislature is in session from January to May. This is especially true for the next couple of years as the Capitol dome’s construction annoyingly requires legislators to take parking from nearby side streets. Since we are across the street from the Capitol, we also use that parking.

But fear not Capitol Hill Books’ customers. We have a handy guide for parking during the legislative session. First remember that you cannot park at any of the parking meters that have a yellow bag over them during the week. This includes parking holidays as apparently the legislators do not take those days off. However, during the weekends parking on both sides of Grant Street is free including the bagged meters. And on Sundays, all meters are free including the ones on Colfax. Parking during the week is trickier, but there are three meters on the east side of Grant Street and several meters along Colfax that are available. We also have a loading zone available on Grant Street, just south of Colfax that is available for customers to quickly pick up a book or to drop off a book trade. You shouldn’t park there for more than a minute or two without risking a ticket, but if you’re quick, you should be OK. And if you are thinking about staying awhile in the Capitol Hill area, there is a paid parking lot behind our store.

We know that this is a bit difficult now for our customers to find parking around our store but we do appreciate your support of our store and please feel free to call us at 303.837.0700 if you have any questions about parking.

Lonely Planet 2013!

Yep..we’re in the book!

Yep. We are once again in the latest Lonely Planet guidebooks for Colorado. They even sent us this cool new online decal to prove it!

We’re so close to the Colorado State Capitol Building and Downtown Denver that we get a lot of tourists appreciating our bookstore an our wide selections of magnets, postcards and other souvenirs. And of course we still carry thousands of books for your reading pleasure. An affordable used paperback is better than an expensive Kindle any day if you ask us.

Thanks for your continued support and to Lonely Planet for our inclusion in their awesome guidebooks. Please check us out on your next visit to Denver. We’re the awesome store across the street from the Colorado Capitol Building.

Welcoming our small-business supporting customers.

We’ve put out our welcome mat for customers who want to support our small business.

You don’t last more than 30 years as a small business without the support of thousands of customers over that time. We know that there are a lot of people out there who drive past the Wal-mart and log off of Amazon and instead support real businesses in their communities. And we just want to thank those people.

As always, we offer low prices and friendly customer service. We also try to be one of those interesting, eclectic businesses that just don’t exist online or at the big-box. That’s why we greet our customers with a Godzilla, provide staff recommendations for books, offer hand-lettered gift certificates by our resident calligrapher, select a thoughtful assortment of interesting postcards and gifts. We basically do everything a bit differently here and we’re glad a lot of people seem to appreciate that.

So this holiday season consider choosing those cool, local businesses in your community. All of us will certainly welcome your support.