Where do you like to read?

Apparently Virgil likes to read in a very small room.

Apparently Virgil likes to read in a very small room.

Reading, like everything else in life, has its own routine. For me, reading is my routine. I use it to fill in the gaps of time when I am about to do something else. So you’ll catch me reading on the light rail, or waiting for the bus, or while eating on my lunch breaks. In fact my favorite place to read probably is on trains: the momentum of the train matching the forward motion of my brain.

But we all have places we like to read. Holly likes to read in front of a cozy fireplace. Jae prefers the Dazbog coffee shop on 17th Avenue so she can take breaks from the pages and play with the numerous animals that mingle on the patio.

Our online Tweet friends have their favorite places too. @TheLivingEnd prefers a balcony with a great view of the mountains and a refreshing, cool drink while reading.

@BethPartin enjoys reading at two Denver landmarks: Confluence Park and the Tattered Cover. Those are both great places for people watching while reading: maybe pretending that the serial killer in your mystery is the guy in the business suit suspiciously walking on the edge of the Platte.

And @nonvivant likes a bit of libation while reading, preferring to read in a little bar on a quiet night. May I recommend Gabor’s on a weeknight?

So what are your favorite places to read? Do you like to be isolated or around people? Prefer indoors or outdoors? A brightly lit room, or just a single lamp illuminating your pages? Because we love to talk about books but we rarely talk about how we read books and that is maybe just as important.

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