Adios Tomas

Tom being cool

Tom being cool

Our good friend Tom has left Capitol Hill Books to risk unemployment and ruin in Seattle! As Holly said, “He’ll be sorry.”

But actually we wish Tom and his wonderful companion Kelli the best of luck in their new Seattle adventure and the awesome-sounding Western road trip they will be doing as they travel there.

Tom has worked semi-diligently since starting at Capitol Hill Books last summer and even created much of this new sparkly Web site instead of doing actual work. He also reorganized and managed our glass case section of book, making those expensive books more likely to sell online and improving our store’s ability to succeed in a harsh capitalistic environment. Pretty good for a self-professed anarchist!

Tom’s presence has actually really improved the store and he is a great friend and person. In fact, another one of the Cap Hill gang wouldn’t even be working at the store if it wasn’t for Tom’s great generosity. So, we wish him the best of luck as a fish monger in Pike’s Market. He’ll be the one throwing the fish heads into the scum pile.

And though he won’t have much access to twitter while he is deboning flounders, you can follow him on there if you’d like @tfooq

4 thoughts on “Adios Tomas

  • Well, I am still jobless, but I am no longer homeless! I am living in a cool house in Fremont. Now, to find employment. Does Capitol Hill Books have a Seattle location? You’re a chain, right?….

    • Jobless Tom? Wouldn’t that be the zenith of aspirations for an anarchist-anti-capitalist? Capitol Hill Books is lonesome without you Tom. Julio bombed-out recently in not knowing the last three astronauts to visit the moon. Chernan, Schmitt and Evans have already faded into obscurity…1972 was a long time ago.

  • “I do not trust what I digest on the internet because I know how the digital sausage is made” -Larry Sanger (co-founder of Wikipedia in 2001) This quote is from a magazine BBC Knowledge, Sept/Oct 2009 given to me by John Hagadone. Larry Sanger has created a more honest and accurate free encyclopedia, Citizendium, a new wiki which requires real names and provides a modest role for experts. It’s in everyone’s best interest to plug into a group mind that has the truth, rationally arrived at, as its uppermost value.

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