We are in a “walker’s paradise”


As you can see in this really neat “walkability” map, we are located right in the center of the most walkable area in the whole city. Pretty cool.

Denver is tied with Portland, OR as the tenth most walkable city in the country.

The score is calculated by measuring the proximity of schools, shops and restaurants. In other words, how easy it is to live a “car-lite” lifestyle.

Added to our shop’s walkability is our proximity to so many bus routes (the 0 on Broadway and 15 on Colfax are frequent and efficient, and the 2 and 7 also run directly in front of the shop).

So between public transit, walking and biking, the shop is easy to get to without having to get into a hot, dirty, sun-baked car (for cars, there is metered parking and lot next door that charges hourly).

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