Meet your bookstore: Holly

Holly relaxing after her long journey.

Holly relaxing after her long journey.

Here is the story of Holly. Once upon a time, Holly went on an adventure across the world. First she attempted her lifelong dream of being the most proficient ex-pat Paris ingenue, but realized she could never match Jane Birkin’s pout. So she traveled across the world to Japan and became a bar-hostess, because she wanted to see a Godzilla in person. But the dang thing took too long to show up, so Holly left for New Zealand or as her best friend Anne Perry likes to call it “Borovnia.”

Unfortunately, the never-ending sublime beauty just got to be too much to look at, so Holly sojourned to the bleak and hardscrabble Montana wilderness where she ran a fly fishing shop. Yet the lure of fishing only lasts so long and Holly just wanted to read a good book. She left for Denver and worked at another bookstore before cajoling and wheedling herself a job at Capitol Hill Books.

After a few years of Ronsonol exposure, Holly decided it would be a good idea to run the place herself. Now Holly says her adventuring days are over and considers it a big deal when she leaves the county. But underneath her thick glasses lies a soul full of restlessness and wanderlust and nobody should be surprised if the end of the adventure of Holly continues for a long, long time.

The end?

PS. This summary may or may not reflect the actual view Holly has on her own life since it was written by one of her slacker employees Julio.

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