Meet your bookstore: Holly

Holly relaxing after her long journey.

Holly relaxing after her long journey.

Here is the story of Holly. Once upon a time, Holly went on an adventure across the world. First she attempted her lifelong dream of being the most proficient ex-pat Paris ingenue, but realized she could never match Jane Birkin’s pout. So she traveled across the world to Japan and became a bar-hostess, because she wanted to see a Godzilla in person. But the dang thing took too long to show up, so Holly left for New Zealand or as her best friend Anne Perry likes to call it “Borovnia.”

Unfortunately, the never-ending sublime beauty just got to be too much to look at, so Holly sojourned to the bleak and hardscrabble Montana wilderness where she ran a fly fishing shop. Yet the lure of fishing only lasts so long and Holly just wanted to read a good book. She left for Denver and worked at another bookstore before cajoling and wheedling herself a job at Capitol Hill Books.

After a few years of Ronsonol exposure, Holly decided it would be a good idea to run the place herself. Now Holly says her adventuring days are over and considers it a big deal when she leaves the county. But underneath her thick glasses lies a soul full of restlessness and wanderlust and nobody should be surprised if the end of the adventure of Holly continues for a long, long time.

The end?

PS. This summary may or may not reflect the actual view Holly has on her own life since it was written by one of her slacker employees Julio.

Goodbye, Meghan

Meghan likes to Party,

Meghan likes to "Party,"

Capitol Hill Books said goodbye Saturday (sort of) to staff star Meghan. Like MJ, Meghan’s legacy will be shined and polished in the wake of her leaving.

Here are some of her achievements:

  1. Meghan has been employee of the month a shocking, unprecedented 136.5 times.
  2. She invented our patented subliminal audio track hidden within our seemingly innocent music that convinces people their eyelashes will catch fire if they do not purchase at least three books they did not come in for.
  3. On March 3, 1875, Meghan successfully lobbied the Congress of the United States of America to ratify specific requirements for the state of Colorado to obtain statehood, an act that would eventually be signed by then-President U. S. Grant on August 1, 1876, just 28 days after the United States Centennial (thus giving the state the moniker “The Centennial State”).
  4. 17 years later, she lead the people of the State of Colorado to be the first state to grant women the right to vote, clearly paving the way for Capitol Hill Books to put in its controversial “No Boyz Allowed” rule that stayed in place until the fall of 2003 when they realized the golf section was not selling at a rate that was financially desirable.
  5. Her most famous achievement, and the one she will be remembered for the most in pop consciousness, was being Michael Jackson until 1992, when she allowed a crazed fan to take her place so that she could more acutely concentrate on the operations of the book store and, of course, on her eccentric modeling and trapeze artist careers.

This is why Capitol Hill Books now wishes Meghan a safe journey. A nostalgic photo montage of your time here is in the works. We promise.



Tom at the store on New Years Eve.

Tom at the store on New Year's Eve.

Tom plays the ukulele (among other things). He moved to Denver in August 2008 from Kansas City, where he wrote features for the Kansas City Star for a summer as an intern. Before that, he went to college at Knox College in Galesburg, Illinois.

Originally from St. Louis, Missouri, Tom has determined that Denver could not be more different from his home city and still be in the USA. Denver’s streets mostly make sense, the weather is mostly dry and beautiful, and there are far fewer murders (though, to be fair, STL isn’t as dangerous as people make it out to be…). He co-founded Big Muddy Records in 2004.

You might best know Tom as the guy who made this Web site. If some of the code is not entirely valid, that is probably because he has no idea what he’s doing. But you can hardly tell!

In his free time, Tom might be riding his bike, reporting a story (amateur journalism!) or plotting the collapse of capitalism.

Recommended reading: Derrick Jensen

On Twitter: @tfooq


Julio in his kingdom

The second part in a series of profiles about our wonderful staff. This week: Julio

A life-long Denverite, Julio can tell you where the 15 meets the 0 and where Celebrity Sports Center used to be. He has a knack of knowing lots of useless facts, which isn’t actually so useless for him since he regularly wins bar tabs at pub quizzes.

He reads a lot of very random stuff, especially science fiction and nonfiction that doesn’t involve a lot of footnotes. His favorite authors include William Gibson, Neal Stephenson,  Donna Tartt, Michael Pollan, and Orson Scott Card.

He also enjoys biking, journalism (check out his transit blog RTD Watch), gardening, trying out new foods, outdoor activities and anything involving trivia.