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Teachers get more than just an apple at Capitol Hill Books.

The staff at Capitol Hill Books are all avid readers. And many of us have great teachers to thank for inspiring our love of reading. I remember my third-grade teacher who purchased Goosebump books for me to read and I gobbled them up like delicious candy. Then she told me about some other good books by authors like Madeline L’Engle and C.S. Lewis and Norton Juster. I became a lifelong reader through her influence.

So we at Capitol Hill Books like to thank teachers by offering them a 10 percent discount on used books for their classrooms. Just let us know you are a teacher and show us your school ID for the discount. Our books are already quite affordable (Many of our children’s chapter books are only around $3 to $4.), but we like to extend an additional discount to encourage teachers that inspire their students to engage in a lifelong appreciation for books. Thanks Mrs. Shelton, wherever you are.

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    By:Kenneth Jarrett Singleton

    Exotic Neurotic is a book of poetry which involves subject matter such as depression, imbalance within one’s personal self, angst, frustration, youthfulness, antisocial behavior, and violence. In addition, many of Exotic Neurotic’s thematic properties also pertain to love, illness, death, human anatomy, physical deformities, elimination, birth, and abortion.

    ISBN-13:9781500951962Publisher:CreateSpace PublishingPublication date:02/24/2016Pages:108Product dimensions:8.50(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.22(d

    Exotic Neurotic

    $ 12.95

    Exotic Neurotic
    SYNOPSIS Exotic Neurotic is a book of poetry which involves subject matter such as depression, imbalance within…


    About the Author
    BIOGRAPHY Kenneth Jarrett Singleton is a thirty year old poet, playwright, and author. Prior to this book of poetry, he has had three books published. His first book was a science-fiction/horror novel called, The Cadaver Factory. It was published in (2004) when Singleton was twenty years of age. His second novel, The Donner Society, was published in (2005) the same year as his first play, Angelica and Francesca. He currently resides in the state of West Virginia.

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