Native American Window Display

In this big window this month we are featuring a large selection of our Native American materials, with love for all Original Americans and in anticipation of the Denver March Powwow taking place next week! (information on the Powwow here – This window features only a portion of the titles we have to offer on the history, heritage, art, and lives of the Indigenous Peoples of the United States of America so ask to be shown the full section when you come in!

Lost and found at Capitol Hill Books


Find that glorious book smell and feel

Are you missing something? Feeling like you need to find a way to ignite your imagination? Does it seem like you lost the sense of wonder and curiosity? Want to learn a new skill or discover new information?

Eye of World

Imagination found!

Fortunately, Capitol Hill Books is here to help you find those things again. We have 35,000 books in every nearly every subject and genre.

We put up a few posters around town so that you can be reminded of what you can find at Capitol Hill Books. If you came to this web site, because of one of those posters, you’re in luck. All you have to do to start your search is to click here , or simply come into our store at 300 E. Colfax, Denver, CO or call us at 303.837.0700. Start turning what was lost into what is found.

Welcoming our small-business supporting customers.

We’ve put out our welcome mat for customers who want to support our small business.

You don’t last more than 30 years as a small business without the support of thousands of customers over that time. We know that there are a lot of people out there who drive past the Wal-mart and log off of Amazon and instead support real businesses in their communities. And we just want to thank those people.

As always, we offer low prices and friendly customer service. We also try to be one of those interesting, eclectic businesses that just don’t exist online or at the big-box. That’s why we greet our customers with a Godzilla, provide staff recommendations for books, offer hand-lettered gift certificates by our resident calligrapher, select a thoughtful assortment of interesting postcards and gifts. We basically do everything a bit differently here and we’re glad a lot of people seem to appreciate that.

So this holiday season consider choosing those cool, local businesses in your community. All of us will certainly welcome your support.

Find enlightenment at Capitol Hill Books

Don’t know the difference between Theravada and Mahayana? Trying to figure out the Three Jewels, the Four Noble Truths or the Noble Eightfold Path? Looking for the “answer” and only having more questions?

Many of our books are currently in our third window display, so be sure to check out the side of our store that faces Colfax to see the full selection.

Capitol Hill Books can help. We’ve just received dozens of Eastern Religion, Buddhism, Zen and Meditation books that explain the various traditions and can help you better understand these fascinating and useful spiritual concepts.

Whether you’re trying to find knowledge of Avidya or understand Sola Scriptura, Capitol Hill Books always keeps a well-stocked inventory of religious books. Those books are always available on our web site and can be searched by subject here.

Capitol Hill Books: Official online source of Phil Goodstein’s Denver history books.

Phil’s latest is a history of Denver’s great Park Hill neighborhood

Capitol Hill Books is proud to be the official online source of Phil Goodstein’s marvelous books on Denver history.

From the “Spirits of South Broadway” to the “Ghosts of Capitol Hill,” Phil’s books describe the in-depth history of the city from the bottom up. He explores not just the rich and powerful, but also Denver’s crime, corruption and all of its glorious “Seamy side.”

Phil is Denver’s foremost historian and is famous for his vivid walking tours of Denver’s neighborhoods. His books offer a in-depth look at those neighborhoods, showing their history based on the experiences of the real people who live and work there.

His latest book is Park Hill Promise: Quest for an Idyllic Denver Neighborhood, an examination of the very neighborhood where Phil was raised. Phil elucidates residents’ quest to make the “perfect” Denver neighborhood of beautiful parkways, majestic homes and racial and ethnic integration free of strife. The book details the successes and failures of that ideal. Of course, Park Hill Promise also traces the general history of the neighborhood from its beginnings as a land claim staked by an eccentric German baron to its current status as a neighborhood trying to bridge together diverse racial and ethnic groups into one community.

Capitol Hill Books carries several of Goodstein’s other titles including his popular 2011 book about Denver’s North Side. You can easily search for his books on our web site here. Simply type “Phil Goodstein” into the search box and choose “Author” in the drop-down box marked “Search by.”

From there, you can order books directly from our web site. A friendly Capitol Hill Books representative will contact you via phone or e-mail where we can arrange an in-store pick up of the book or ship the book to you almost anywhere in the United States for a minimal shipping fee.

Of course, you can always call us at 303-837-0700 to order Phil’s books from us directly over the phone.

Are you ready to delve into Denver’s weird and fascinating history? Look no further than the books of Phil Goodstein, available online at

For information about Phil’s educational walking tours please visit his tour web site.

Virtual tour through Capitol Hill Books

One of the fun things about having this new WordPress web site, is our ability to see our site visits. We’ve been so wonderfully surprised by people checking out our web site from all across the country and even the world and realize that many of our web site visitors may never have a chance to visit our physical store. Although we encourage them to do so if they are ever in Denver.

Though our web site has lots of photos, none of them quite do justice to a full walk-through of our vast three-room store. So we decided to whip up a little video taken from still photographs to show the inside of Capitol Hill Books. We’ve added a few helpful captions to show some interesting parts along the way, but if any of you viewers have anything else you’d like to know about from the tour, please let us know in the comments.

The song during the video is Elvis Costello’s classic “Every Day I Write the Book,” the best ever song written about the similarities of being in a relationship and writing a novel.

Top of the Town with Capitol Hill Books

Perfectly cluttered in every way.

For the second year in a row, the reader’s of 5280 Magazine have voted Capitol Hill Books as the best used bookstore in Denver. We’re proud to continue receiving awards after 30 years at our wonderful location, which as 5280 noted is “situated between a gritty stretch of Colfax and the more polished veneer of downtown.”

We’re just happy to have customers that appreciate our “Perfectly cluttered bookshelves,” and keep returning to our store even when new technologies present entirely different reading options than we can offer.

So thanks to 5280 Magazine, its readers and to our customers who continue to value books and our bookstore throughout our 30 years in business.

Welcome AWP Conference Attendees

The entrance to our wonderful store at the corner of Colfax Avenue and Grant Street.

In Denver for the Association of Writers and Writing Programs (AWP) conference this week? Need something else to occupy your time in between the conference presentations? Want to get a real sense of Denver literary history?

Then come to Capitol Hill Books, located at Grant and Colfax and only a short walk from the conference at the Colorado Convention Center. Clicking here will show you exactly where we are located.

Capitol Hill Books is a literary institution in Denver, located at the same Colfax corner for more than 30 years. We love writers and readers of all types and enjoy finding the perfect book for our customers. We have Denver’s largest database of used books right on this Web site, so you can see what we carry before you make the trek over here.

Best of all, all AWP conference attendees get a 10 percent discount for any purchase at the store. Just provide some type of identification from the conference before we ring up your purchase. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Better Read than Dead

Death relaxes on his holiday

Capitol Hill Books just got a great new product for all you book lovers out there: an inexpensive book bag made of recycled plastic.

We worked with the good folks at to create our one-of-a-kind bags that will make you the envy of every book club. Capitol Hill Book’s owner Holly designed the Edward Gorey inspired graphic after the staff came up with the awesome slogan “Better Read than Dead.”

Holly models our bag in action.

As shown on our bag, Death takes a holiday to catch up with some of his favorite books at the local cemetery with his buddy, the Raven from Edgar Allen Poe’s macabre poem.

Our bags are a bit bigger than many standard totes: At 12″ high by 16″ wide and 5.5″ deep, it can hold quite a few books and plenty of groceries, gym clothes or whatever else you need to carry. The bags also have long, 28″ straps, making them easy to carry around your shoulders. And the vibrant red coloring means you’ll probably never have a problem trying to find your bag when you need it.

Go green and show your appreciation of one of Denver’s most endearing and eccentric independent businesses with these one-of-a-kind bags. We promise that they’ll be a great collector’s item from cradle to grave.

Happy 30th Anniversary Capitol Hill Books!


As Capitol Hill Books enters its fourth decade (wow!), we’ve had a few famous visitors come by to give some celebratory cheer towards our store.

First we had Japanese monster sensation Godzilla drop by the store to roar his appreciation for great used books at affordable prices. He even had the courtesy to hold his fire breath until he was outside.

"It gives me great hope that you have the audacity to carry a large selection of books with an affordability that all Americans can appreciate."

Then President Obama stopped by on his way to Hawaii to wish us another 30 years of success in the book businesses. It’s “Small businesses like you,” he read from a teleprompter, “that shine a beacon of hope, guiding America to a more prosperous future.” Uh…Thanks Mr. Obama. He even let us give his cute dog Bo a cookie. Barack then bought the books, “Going Rouge: An American Nightmare,” and “End of Time: The Maya Mystery of 2012,” in “preparation for the next election.”

Even though we get an occasional celebrity at Capitol Hill Books, we get a bigger thrill from simply seeing our customers here day in and day out. We have them to thank for the 30-year success of Capitol Hill Books and hopefully its continued success for the next 30 years.

January 1, 2010 is our exact 30th year in business. We will have a few cookies and warm stories to share if you would like to come in on that day. And of course you are welcome to come by after then too. We plan on staying here awhile.