Meet Francis the monster!


Congratulations to Simon Ayesse, a friend of the store who suggested we use Sir Francis Bacon’s quote “Some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed, and some few to be chewed and digested,” to go along with our new book Godzilla monster. We think the quote goes great on top of our shelf of “Staff recommendations.” After all, those are our finest cuts of book.

Frozen Bacon

We decided to name the monster Francis after the famous English scientist and philosopher who gave us that lovely quote. Fun fact: Sir Bacon died from pneumonia contracted in the cold while studying the effects of freezing on the preservation of meat.

We also wanted to thank Bryan McRea for giving us the Godzilla figure. We think he makes an opposing presence in our store.

Thanks for all of your suggestions on Twitter and through e-mail. And feel free to come by and say hello to our godzillas in person if you can.

Happy 30th Anniversary Capitol Hill Books!


As Capitol Hill Books enters its fourth decade (wow!), we’ve had a few famous visitors come by to give some celebratory cheer towards our store.

First we had Japanese monster sensation Godzilla drop by the store to roar his appreciation for great used books at affordable prices. He even had the courtesy to hold his fire breath until he was outside.

"It gives me great hope that you have the audacity to carry a large selection of books with an affordability that all Americans can appreciate."

Then President Obama stopped by on his way to Hawaii to wish us another 30 years of success in the book businesses. It’s “Small businesses like you,” he read from a teleprompter, “that shine a beacon of hope, guiding America to a more prosperous future.” Uh…Thanks Mr. Obama. He even let us give his cute dog Bo a cookie. Barack then bought the books, “Going Rouge: An American Nightmare,” and “End of Time: The Maya Mystery of 2012,” in “preparation for the next election.”

Even though we get an occasional celebrity at Capitol Hill Books, we get a bigger thrill from simply seeing our customers here day in and day out. We have them to thank for the 30-year success of Capitol Hill Books and hopefully its continued success for the next 30 years.

January 1, 2010 is our exact 30th year in business. We will have a few cookies and warm stories to share if you would like to come in on that day. And of course you are welcome to come by after then too. We plan on staying here awhile.