Winter odds & ends

One of our cool Belgian graphic novels.

We’ve been busy this winter at Capitol Hill Books. One thing that keeps us busy is our huge donation of French books we got from a longtime customer. We’ve received so many French books that we had to greatly expand our section for French languages. Because we don’t have very much room, we’re offering a special discount on French books of 15 percent off the listed price (Only good for French books and cannot be combined with other discounts). We also have a variety of books including mysteries, fiction, history, way and even a few graphic novels. Lisez-vous fran├žais? Nous avons des livres pour vous. (That’s: Read French? We have the books for you.)

Capitol Hill Books was also recently featured in the YourHub section of the Denver Post. Capitol Hill Books owner Holly was interviewed and the story ran three photos of the store including one of our employee Ben. We have already received numerous calls and mentions about the article from our customers. Thanks YourHub for the wonderful piece! Check out the story by clicking here.

Virtual tour through Capitol Hill Books

One of the fun things about having this new WordPress web site, is our ability to see our site visits. We’ve been so wonderfully surprised by people checking out our web site from all across the country and even the world and realize that many of our web site visitors may never have a chance to visit our physical store. Although we encourage them to do so if they are ever in Denver.

Though our web site has lots of photos, none of them quite do justice to a full walk-through of our vast three-room store. So we decided to whip up a little video taken from still photographs to show the inside of Capitol Hill Books. We’ve added a few helpful captions to show some interesting parts along the way, but if any of you viewers have anything else you’d like to know about from the tour, please let us know in the comments.

The song during the video is Elvis Costello’s classic “Every Day I Write the Book,” the best ever song written about the similarities of being in a relationship and writing a novel.