Welcoming our small-business supporting customers.

We’ve put out our welcome mat for customers who want to support our small business.

You don’t last more than 30 years as a small business without the support of thousands of customers over that time. We know that there are a lot of people out there who drive past the Wal-mart and log off of Amazon and instead support real businesses in their communities. And we just want to thank those people.

As always, we offer low prices and friendly customer service. We also try to be one of those interesting, eclectic businesses that just don’t exist online or at the big-box. That’s why we greet our customers with a Godzilla, provide staff recommendations for books, offer hand-lettered gift certificates by our resident calligrapher, select a thoughtful assortment of interesting postcards and gifts. We basically do everything a bit differently here and we’re glad a lot of people seem to appreciate that.

So this holiday season consider choosing those cool, local businesses in your community. All of us will certainly welcome your support.

Support small businesses this holiday season

Colorado small businesses are open for the holidays.

After you gorge yourself on the black Friday sales at the big boxes, remember your local small businesses during the holiday season. Small businesses like Capitol Hill Books often offer a more eclectic selection, better customer service and even better discounts than the mall.

Our small business is ready for the holiday season

And best of all, small businesses keep our community active and vibrant. Just imagine Colfax, Highlands Square or South Broadway without the hundreds of small businesses that keep these areas so uniquely Denver.

There is actually a national trend to support “Small Business Saturday,” as a day to go out and share the love of your favorite small businesses all across the country.

So this Saturday, November 27, Capitol Hill Books is getting on the “Small Business Saturday” bandwagon and offering a 10 percent discount on used books for anyone who mentions Small Business Saturday to us. So get out there and support your local small businesses and all the holiday cheer they give to our communities.